Understanding the Role Micromobility Plays in our Lives: Movatic interview

Updated: Jun 22

For the first time, an audio interview was conducted with Movatic CEO Ansgar Strother, discussing the significance and future of micromobility in our lives. Listen below, and scroll further for the condensed text version of the interview.

Ansgar Strother, founder and CEO of Movatic.

How would you describe Movatic to somebody who has no knowledge of the company whatsoever?

To describe Movatic I like to think of it as- we’re really your partner in technology. We happen to create some of the best technology in the industry to allow you to share scooters, bikes, e-bikes, kayaks, and a whole host of other assets. But first and foremost, we’re your tech partner.

What made you start Movatic?

Movatic really came organically out of my first startup which was a bikeshare/hardware company. We ended up licensing it off to several companies including Motivate, Zagster, and On Bikeshare. As we were doing that licensing process, Onbikeshare (check out their interview here) came to us and said “hey we really love this lock, but we’re not a software team.” As we went out into the marketplace, we were seeing that everyone was looking towards “how do I start bringing my experience to a smartphone? How am I going to start adopting sharing as part of my business model?” It became really clear very quickly that it didn’t make sense to every company to be out there to be building the same core functionality around managing users, rentals, and assets.

As a second point we also really felt that as more operators came into the space that it would be important to build out an ecosystem and have a marketplace app, which we’ve created with the Movatic app where you can have a bunch of different operators all living together.

Who are the ideal customers that you look for, and what specific problems do you solve for those people?

We’re really looking for any entrepreneur or any large scale operator who is looking to have that tech partner so they can be able to scale faster and focus on what they really care about, wh