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Is Your Software Built to Last?

It’s no secret that software solutions must be both reliable & flexible to remain relevant over time. Rideshare and rental operators launching new products want to do so upon a stable platform, expanding their portfolio of offerings within the same networked community in which they are already invested.

Software that supports multiple modes and provides regional connectivity innately creates a scalable solution which is user friendly and resistant to fraud.

Movatic software is built to last. Here's how.


Increasingly, rental software must accommodate multiple modes with a seamless user experience among all programs on the platform. Single modes had previously been featured on many sharing and rental platforms, but all providers are migrating towards multimodal/MaaS (Mobility as a Service) for improved user experience and efficiencies. Take, for example, a software feature that allows for one common user profile to access all programs on the platform: if one individual goes delinquent while renting from Location A, that same user cannot drive across the country and go scam another system in Location B. That same functionality creates a cohesive user experience across communities, enabling riders to enjoy various programs with the convenience of one mobile application with one rider account.

Multimodal software also enables operators to launch new segments (not only new modes but also new business models, such as long term or short term rentals) quickly as expectations of shared mobility operators evolve. For example, Movatic was able to add e-scooter operators quickly in 2019, and more recently the kayak rental industry in early 2021 because the software was designed from day one to be flexible and asset-agnostic. This evolving software framework has enabled Movatic’s customers - rental program operators & bikeshare system operators - to launch their systems essentially overnight.


As neighboring communities work together to increase connectivity and as individual communities prioritize transit integration, software can and should be an integral part of the solution by providing options for a range of budgets. Software can reduce barriers to transit by:

  • allowing local administrators to create and authorize special memberships or prices for specific segments

  • Providing a public API (allowing for another company to write an API call)

  • Generating exportable data reports to identify specific users who qualify for subsidy (this low-cost solution enables the AATA to provide free rides for University of Michigan students, whose trips are paid for via a monthly reconciliation with the University)

This functionality is very standard in the global transportation ecosystem, but it hasn’t yet been standardized in the shared mobility industry. Movatic software has been supporting regional connectivity in these ways and more, and continues to iterate as new integrations are desired and developed.


A platform where users are actually drawn into it, are familiar with it - that software solution has lasting value. Movatic represents the best value for operators because we provide immediate access to our established global network on day one (800,000+ existing users and growing) with little to no upfront investment. With all in-house software development, we’re providing entrepreneurs with the most capital-efficient path forward to immediately launch new programs. After purchasing a software license, operators simply add their assets onto the Movatic platform and are able to launch immediately. For operators interested in presenting a white-labeled app for their programs, Movatic provides an affordable branded app solution. Getting started on the Movatic platform is an ideal way to launch a new operation without sinking a huge amount of capital.


Robust software enables operators to launch their programs quickly with an initial pilot and then to continuously scale as system health is evaluated. Operators can add units at any time and can always upgrade to a branded app later, once scale has been achieved. Operators also need assurances that their capital investments are protected. Features such as credit card holds, active tracking, alerts, and maintenance ticketing all help to prevent a fleet from theft and vandalism.

You know your software is built to last when it is capable of creating affordable scalability for operators and providing an out-of-the-box networked experience, with no limit to the number or type of assets being deployed and with built-in measures to minimize asset loss.


Movatic’s business has been built around sustainable partnerships and sustainable revenue. Started in 2016, the business has grown with fiscal responsibility, without compromising quality in the products we develop and support. Our contracts are flexible and do not require a locked-in agreement because we are working with operators that are looking for an affordable, scalable, networked, and secure software solution with changing needs.


The experienced team at Movatic has supported over 500 system launches. We've seen what it takes to build, launch, and maintain a reliable service, and we can help advise you in this process. Drop us a line at

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