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The Importance of Being Around the Right People: An interview with Sunday Scooters

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Today, we put a spotlight on a podcast interview that was conducted with Sunday Scooters CEO Ken Cadmus, discussing the significance of being around the right people that led to a strong impact on the success and growth of his company.

Listen below, and scroll further for the condensed text version of the interview.

How did Sunday Scooters got started?

I was introduced to the electric mobility space through our manufacturing partner, which is Fiik. It's originally an Australian-based company. Two years ago, we had looked at the whole industry as a whole and saw, okay, you know, it's quickly overtaking bike ride-share. We know that you know, by 2020, prior to COVID happening, that rideshare was going to easily surpass probably a hundred to 130 million rides a year. So we looked at it from the perspective of, you know, what, what are these current companies doing that are really good and what are they doing?

What was the inspiration behind the company name Sunday Scooters?

The foundation of the company name came from the answer of what do you do on a Sunday. You hang out with your family, go for a bike ride, and you have fun!

How long has Sunday been operating?

2 years

What would you say has been one of your biggest accomplishments so far?

You know we've had a lot of trials and tribulations, with any other small startup. We've learned a lot in that two years, a lot, but you know, it just, it's really about the people. They are the backbone of the company that we need. If you don't have the right people, you're in a tough spot.

Tell me a little bit about the role you play and your title where you fit in with this company?

I'm the CEO, I'm the founding member of the company. Day-to-day operations are, are vital and maintaining a positive relationship with the partners and maintaining any sort of bumps in the road that occur. But we really have a strong team of guys that really help delegate a lot of those responsibilities.

What advice would you give to somebody who is brand new?

With any other type of challenge that you always have to look at it with an open mind. You're always going to have a plan of action and a way of doing things, but just know that you have to be willing to change those planned actions on a momentary basis

When you have a group of people that work really hard and they present a bunch of ideas, then you just have more ideas to choose from. And when you have more, you might even have better ideas. So I think when everyone's giving it a sort of effort versus somebody giving this authoritarian style approach to business, I think those are the most successful systems.

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