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ACTON + Movatic Partnership Interview

Updated: May 6, 2020

ACTON provides technologically advanced commercial-grade micro-mobility transportation to every person on the planet, so that collectively we may continue to revolutionize the way we travel.

How did ACTON get started?

ACTON was founded in the Summer of 2013, designing small transportation solutions. Our Founders, Janelle Wang, and Peter Treadway have formal backgrounds in design and transportation. ACTON’s first offering was a 3 wheel e-scooter that launched about 6 years ago. They are still in service in airports, schools, food delivery, and many other operations. The business grew with a B2C line of electric skateboards under the “BLINK” brand. BLINK is still a part of the business and has been instrumental in the development of the M PRO scooter. Skateboards live 2” off the ground in all elements, so we incorporated a lot of the tricks we learned there into the fleet vehicles.

What makes ACTON scooters unique?

The M PRO was designed for fleet use from the very beginning. We had the luxury of a clean slate. We knew that existing consumer scooters were too small and light for the rigors of daily shared use. So, we wanted larger wheels, stronger chassis, a longer wheelbase, and a wider platform to fit bigger riders. We looked at the best suspension systems too, and ultimately added a telescoping fork. Getting down to the nuts and bolts of the scooter, our engineers knew that the folding mechanism other scooters use was an unnecessary weak link in the design. So, we replaced that with 3-bolt clamp that eliminates any slop. The chassis is a custom extrusion that is up to 7mm in high-impact zones, so the M PRO can handle riders up to 300 lbs. We also use a 50-cell battery for long-distance range. Because of our design, ACTON scooters have a much greater average lifespan compared to other available e-scooters.

Our scooter has so many details, it is hard to summarize here. The best suggestion I have is to ride one!

ACTON M Pro Scooter

How are ACTON scooters a game-changer for micro-mobility?

Well, we serve to both major urban cities and smaller cities, made possible through partnerships and local businesses of all sizes, to provide accessible means of micro transportation.

We also celebrate a couple of milestones under our belts:

The M PRO was the first dedicated fleet scooter, and just one of the many innovations we are bringing to the mobility game. Our patented TOPSWAP system gives operators the ability to switch full-size batteries in minutes. TOPSWAP is just one step towards an efficient system of shared micro-mobility solutions.

The game is constantly changing, and ACTON is excited to be a player.

Why did ACTON partner with Movatic?

As a global hardware provider, we need quality software support that works in all markets with a variety of operators. We were aware of Movatic from their work in the bike-sharing space and were excited when we heard they were expanding into e-scooters. The Movatic dashboard and app are easy to navigate for all operators and makes all of our jobs of getting scooters on the streets easier.

What does the ACTON + Movatic solution mean for operators?

Bundling the proven Movatic platform with our M PRO scooter creates a real turn-key solution, specifically for new fleet operators looking to get their first scooters on the street. Operators have so many other important things to work on beyond the software and hardware, that the best thing we can do as partners is to make that part of the business easy.

What has it been like working with Movatic?

As in all relationships, communication is key. Movatic and ACTON are on the same page in our desire to provide our clients with the best service, and we do a lot together behind the scenes to make it happen. Seriously, working with Movatic is a breeze and that is not said lightly. Things run real smooth and consistent. When we do have the occasional hiccup, the Movatic team is on it right away.

Plain and simple, Movatic works.

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