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On Bikeshare Interview

Patrick Perugini is a bicycle industry veteran with over 10 years in bicycle manufacturing and bike share operations. He is also an passionate advocate for bike infrastructure and an enthusiastic cyclist. Patrick founded Dynamic Bicycles in 2004, with a mission to help make bikes easier to operate and easier to maintain for both individuals and fleet operators. True to this mission, Patrick has led Dynamic to success with a bike share system that is simpler and more affordable than any other system on the market.

1). Can you tell me about what it means for On Bikeshare to use the Movatic platform for


The Movatic platform helps our customers improve access control, security, and activity tracking for their bicycles and riders, while also offering the option to collect fees from riders to help offset operational costs. We like that Movatic’s clean and thoughtful software design is consistent with our emphasis on making bike share easier to self-operate.

2). Is this the first time that On-Bikeshare has offered electronic access to bikeshare? No. Our previous software was an in-house developed application using a web application front end and backend Admin. The Movatic App will help us provide a more scalable platform using native iOS and Android Apps, and a scalable

3). What made you want to switch to Movatic’s software from your own in-house solution?

Our move to the Movatic platform improves the user experience with a native APP on their phone, and provides program Administrators with real-time usage monitoring, alerts and reports that simplify operations. The Movatic platform also provides us with the ability to manage multiple types of access control systems and technologies, so as our technology continues to evolve, we can use the same App/Admin platform across these systems.

4). What new things does Movatic bring to the table/specific improvements do you see with this solution?

The 3 most important to us are the branding of the user APP, the optional billing capabilities, and the ability to operate multiple access control systems from a single platform and App experience.

5). Who will this new technology impact? How will it impact them? For our existing customers using our web app, this offers an upward path with increased functionality including alerts and billing capabilities. For our customers not yet using our web app, this offers a significant increase in security, access control, visibility, alerts and more, while noticeably reducing the time needed to manage their system.

6). What does Movatic-powered bikeshare mean for bikeshare operators?

The Movatic system is how people expect professional bike share to operate. It provides a powerful and thoughtful Admin system that simplifies owner-operated bike share. It offers simple configuration options to customize the program to meet a wide variety of implementation and management goals, while also providing a highly scalable platform for managing significant systems.

7). How about for users?

The Movatic App is clean and user-friendly. Riders can locate available bikes and bike stations easily, and provide a simple bike checkout/return experience. This platform also proved riders with the ability to send problem reports to administrators directly from the App.

8). What has been the response so far when you introduced Movatic-powered bikeshare to


Our first Movatic-powered system launched in October at a University. The introduction and initial usage of the system has surpassed our customer’s expectations. The software has been instrumental in helping them control access, monitor activity, and track bike availability.

9). How do Movatic-powered bikeshare give On Bikeshare a competitive advantage/ eliminate any points for On Bikeshare?

The Movatic APP keeps us competitive with systems at much higher price points. It enables us to provide our customers with an owner-operated system with the same rich functionality of managed systems, and at a price point that makes bike share accessible to more businesses.

10). How has it been working with Movatic?

Our experience and that of our customers has been 100% positive. The system has been working well, the rider experience has been positive, and the Movatic team has been quick to respond to questions as well as requests for new functionality.

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