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Nokē + Movatic Partnership Interview

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

NoKē provides some of the most robust locks on the market that are ideal for use in sharing systems.

How did Nokē get started? Nokē was founded in 2014 by Co-owners David Gengler and Cameron Gibbs. With the help of crowdfunding we were able to bring our bluetooth locks to the market. As the company grew so did our ambitions and we soon ventured into the business space providing locking solutions for both large and small clients. Fast forward to late 2018 and Nokē was acquired by Janus International Group, LLC , “the leading global manufacturer and supplier of turn-key building solutions and new technology for the self-storage industry. The acquisition allows Nokē, a startup headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah and backed by Paris-based VC firms Future Shape and Hardware Club, to accelerate its development and deployment of the world’s highest quality smart locking solutions. By joining forces, Nokē and Janus will accelerate the worldwide rollout of the SecurGuard® Smart Entry System that was released earlier this year and is revolutionizing the self-storage industry.”

What makes Nokē pad locks unique?

Nokē padlocks are one of the most robust smart locks on the market. We outperform our competitors in both quality, durability, and ease of use. We focus on providing smart locking solutions not for consumers, but for business customers looking to take their ideas to the next level. Our locks are built for abuse and can withstand anything users throw at it.

How are Nokē locks a game-changer for shared mobility: bike rental and sharing, bike parking ect. Nokē provides a bluetooth locking system that is able to adapt to various sharing applications. You no longer need a keycard or docking station to rent and manage your fleet. No longer do you need keys to open a locker, and better yet, risk losing the key. With Nokē, users can simply use their Smartphone which the majority of people have in today’s technology prevalent society. With our hardware and Movatic’s software, you will be able to efficiently track who/when/where a lock was used. With this information you will know where all of your assets are located, easily export data for internal auditing, and determine the best locations to stage your sharing platform. Gone are the days where you need a sharing platform that requires expensive monthly fees and hardwired/wifi enabled docking stations. With Nokē and Movatic, our system utilizes a phone's cellular data to communicate with the server allowing you real-time access to your fleet while keeping it cost-effective for both you and your customers.

Why did Nokē partner with Movatic? Nokē is consistently looking for partners who can fill in the gaps and add value and functionality to our hardware so it was a natural fit to partner with the leading sharing platform. Our locks pair up extremely well with Movatic's fully built shared mobility platform. This partnership is for clients who are looking to build up a sharing fleet utilizing a platform with functionality and simplicity in mind. With Nokē locks being robust, easy to use, and reliable it was only natural for us to partner with Movatic which provides a unique and intuitive Web and iOS/Android-based software experience.

Kayak rental using the Noke HD Padlock + Movatic

What has it been like working with Movatic? Working with Movatic has provided a way to offer a unique and complete solution to both of our customers. Movatic, like Nokē, is an evolving company that is able to adapt to various customer needs and is quick to implement new updates to the software. Movatic is an extremely knowledgeable partner that has gained mastery on our to work with Nokē’s locks. Movatic has also been helpful in finding ways that Nokē can manage our workflow to better deploy our solutions to clients.

What does the Nokē + Movatic solution mean for operators?

The Nokē and Movatic partnership means that operators can provide a versatile sharing platform with multiple hardware choices. Depending on the application a client can integrate using our Nokē Controller unit or simply our HD Padlock to provide easy and smart solutions for their customers. With Movatic you can easily manage your rental services through their online application and with Nokē you can have peace of mind that your locking solution was created by a company just as driven as Movatic to providing a top-notch customer and client experience.

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