Cycle Safe Interview

Updated: Mar 4, 2019


Richard Hartger, CEO of CycleSafe talks about what it means for cyclists and the bike locker industry as a whole to have electronic access for bike lockers. Hartger feels that offering electronic access to bike lockers is inline with the innovation within the transportation industry being powered by the convergence of data, powerful computing, and smartphones.

1). Can you tell me about CycleSafe and what it means for CycleSafe to be a leader in the bike locker industry?

Cycle Safe is the market leader for the bike locker industry due to our nearly 40 years of innovation including being the first to market with an enclosed, highly secure bicycle locker. Our lockers are manufactured to a standard that is the highest in the industry. This isn’t just a marketing statement, rather our SMC (Sheet Molding Compound or Composite) is formulated to offer extreme strength and durability. The process utilizes high pressure (over 1000 tons) and high heat to produce the walls for our lockers, which also allows for ribs and bosses thereby increasing the strength even further.

So, in layman's terms?

So it’s a unique construction! We’ve invested dramatically more than anybody in the industry. Most competitors are making products out of simple office shelf tooling, but our’s is all custom made for us since the early 80s and it’s withstood the test of time.

2). What should everyone know about your bike lockers and the benefits they provide?

We call ourselves CycleSafe since our lockers are strong enough to withstand attempted entry with bats, clubs and crow bars. Although, no locker is theft proof, our lockers serve as a worthy deterrent to the theft of a bicycle. And we really haven’t had any bike theft logged over the thirty plus years that we’ve had lockers installed.

Wow, that’s great news for cyclists.

Right, it basically stops bicycle theft in it’s tracks. You know, they go and find an easier target or opportunity.

However, theft prevention is not the only advantage of a Cycle Safe locker. Our lockers also offer protection from the elements including rain, snow, hail and even heat. It has been proven that our lockers have a temperature that is lower than a typical steel locker, which actually acts like an oven and multiplies the external ambient heat.