The Importance of Insurance in the Mobility World

Updated: Jun 22

Keeping up with the rapid expansion of micromobilitiy has its own unique individual challenges among cities and insurers. As e-scooters and e-bikes multiply, cities are diligently working out traffic laws, best practices, and public safety measures.

Below, we interviewed Brandon Schuh from Christensen Group detailing the significance of insurance in the micromobility space.

Brandon Schuh from Christensen Group.

Why is insurance so important in the mobility space?

Mobility is a high hazard area in general, mostly due to the risk of auto collisions. We’ve seen a steady rise in the cost of auto claims over the last ten years for a variety of reasons including an exponential increase in medical trends, the increased cost of auto repairs (from advancements in technology), and the increase in congestion across the country and world.