Tandem Interview

Updated: Jun 22

Tandem Mobility offers custom e-mobility solutions for communities of all sizes by partnering with premium providers in the industry to deliver custom turnkey solutions.

Keli Hoyt-Rupert founder and CEO of Tandem Mobility.

How did Tandem get started?

Tandem got started earlier this year in 2020 as a result of the pandemic that shook up the micromobility industry- with players like Zagster closing up shop. As a long time Zagster employee, I wasn’t ready to leave the industry and saw an opportunity to take what worked well at Zagster and build on it, while of course working to improve the things that may not have been working well for communities or for maintaining a long term sustainable business.

I got connected with Ansgar and Movatic, and it was the perfect opportunity to ensure we could provide turnkey operations to our communities while utilizing the tools and resources of the best software platform in the industry. So Tandem was born with the primary vision of providing consultative, flexible, turnkey bike share and micromobility offerings.

What should everybody know about Tandem and the services and benefits the company offers?

Tandem Mobility was born out of a desire to help develop and manage complete mobility solutions with our community partners. We focus on aligning people, tech, and data around your community's goals - not the other way around. By partnering with premium providers in the industry - enter Movatic software, we are able to deliver a turnkey solution that allows you to focus on improving mobility programming while we seamlessly execute on the details.

The other key benefit is our flexibility. We know that every community is different and so we can’t expect a one size fits all solution. Aside from our standard turnkey product offering, we created a menu of offerings so you can build a program that is right for your specific community. Perhaps you have a local organization willing to handle the day to day operations- great! We can set you up with assets, software, and consulting. Maybe post-Zagster, you are apprehensive about leasing assets- perfect. We can connect you with a hardware solution and then provide software and operations. We are flexible, and our goal is to get bike share rolling in your community- whatever that may look like in your city.

What makes Tandem unique?

My background and experience has always been on the relationship and community side of the business, and so my goal from the start with Tandem was to stay true to that even as we scale. We want to be your trusted advisor and consultant on bike share, working in tandem with you and your community. Our vision goes beyond bikes, as we look to shape complete mobility and recreational programs. With Tandem, you have a partner who is ready to adapt and support you in a rapidly changing environment, all to provide a solution that meets your community’s needs. Everyone says it, but we mean it and it’s a part of our culture!