Movatic in 2019

As we gear up for the 2019 season Movatic is excited to share with you all of the great new features to allow systems to achieve more.

Improved Billing Flexibility

We've rebuilt our billing tools to give system operators more features to cater to their needs:

  • Free time. Allows rentals under a specified duration to be free. This is an especially powerful feature for amenity or corporate systems that wish for a system to be free to use for a reasonable period of time. This helps encourage shorter rentals, allowing more users to take advantage of the amenity.

  • Support for Multiple Charge Increments. Operators now have the option of up-selling users with select pricing that gets cheaper for longer rentals.

  • Fixed Duration Pricing. Movatic now supports fixed duration pricing in addition to on-demand. This means that operators can now set up pricing such as $8 for 4 hours in which the bike must be returned within the 4 hour period.

An example of fixed duration pricing.

Membership Support

We are very excited to announce support for memberships. This is a powerful tool for operators to authorize user access and create a reoccurring revenue relationship with their customers.

Membership Support: A New way to do Private Systems

Authorized memberships has replaced the "private system authorization" feature from before. Our original support for private systems covered most cases but didn't support:

  • Multiple types of authorization. From working with many private systems, we have recognized the need for multiple authorization methods. For instance, large corporations can have many types of users each with different authorization needs. For example, employees are authorized by company email addresses, contractors by being approved by admin approval, and clients/guests with temporary passwords.

  • Multi-system support. Large organizations may also have their users spread across multiple campuses. With the old method, a user would have to gain access to each campus by joining individual systems. This issue gets worse if a single campus has multiple systems (ie. bike sharing and parking).

The solution was to replace private systems with a more traditional membership model. Systems not open to the public can require users to join a membership to use. This also allows for multiple membership options for a system. Furthermore, a membership can be configured to give users access across multiple systems.

First time rental walk through selecting a membership to access a private (members only) system. While a user can skip this step to see the terms of service they will be unable to rent until the select and are approved for this membership.

Membership Support: A More Flexible Way to do Discounts