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Delight Customers with Improved Customer Support and Maintenance with Movatic

Movatic is making it easier for system administrators to delight their customers with improved customer service and maintenance. With the launch of Movatic's maintenance and support module, admins now have a set of powerful tools to make support communication easier, provide better tracking, and the ability to retain better records.

Improved Customer Support

The error reports section has been renamed to Customer Support on the admin site to create a strong focus on the customer. The customer support section has been revamped to make management more effective.

More Information

All relevant user information is now present on the reported problem. The user app has been improved to allow for problem reporting as part of the rental flow, active rental card, or from the rental history card. A report from any of these locations displays the associated rental on the admin site.

Communication Logging

Admins now can contact users directly from the admin site with the user's response appearing on the admin site in the communication log. Furthermore, admins can record internal notes within the communication log that are not shared. Another great feature is that every time a report comes in, or when a user responds, admins who opt into problem reports emails receive an email notification.

Better Linking

The rental detail page, and user detail page now display all related reported problems, making support quicker and easier.

Creating Maintenance Tickets

A significant part of this update is the support for maintenance tasks and tickets. Admins can now escalate a problem report into a ticket. A maintenance ticket is a task that will be completed at some point in the future. The power of maintenance tickets is that they allow for several things:

  • Inbox Zero: Close user problem reports quicker, as you no longer need to wait to close a problem report until the maintenance is complete. With an inbox zero mentality, ensure a high level of customer service with reports resolved quickly and none of them missed.

  • Separation of Roles: Your maintenance team does not have to be your support team. Instead your customer support team can focus on supporting the customer and your maintenance team can concentrate on resolving maintenance issues.

Maintenance Tasks, Tickets, Logs, and Recurring Tickets

Movatic takes maintenance to the next level with tasks, tickets, logs and recurring tickets.

Maintenance Task

A maintenance task is a set of predefined work that can be carried out to fix or maintain your system's hardware.

Maintenance Ticket

A maintenance ticket is a maintenance task (work) that needs to completed on your system. Maintenance tickets can be created by escalating a problem report, by an admin manually, or automatically by the system as part of a maintenance program. Maintenance tickets also help with organization as tickets can be assigned to an admin for completion, as well as have a priority and due date. Details on the work done for this ticket can be recorded in the notes section. Upon ticket completion, the completing admin can record additional notes along with the amount of time spent on the ticket.

Maintenance Log

Upon completion of a maintenance task, the system creates a maintenance log (a log of completed work). Maintenance logs can be created manually by admins or automatically upon completion of a maintenance ticket.

Recurring Tickets

The system also supports the automatic creation of tickets based on a maintenance program. A maintenance program is particularly helpful in ensuring that maintenance is regularly carried out. Without regular maintenance, hardware breaks, creating user experience and liability issues. If available for your system type, a maintenance program can be set in the general settings section.

More to Come

This release is the first step in our long term road map for support and maintenance. Here are a few things that we are planning for the future:

  • Better issue tagging so that users are able to provide more detail on what went wrong.

  • The ability for users to view and continue the conversation with admins on reported issues in addition to our current email setup.

  • Customizable automated initial response message.

  • Partnerships so that systems can outsource their maintenance and customer support.

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