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Branded Apps - Seamless migration & Superior Marketing

Movatic is based on a vision of seamless mobility in which it is easy for users and system operators. The Movatic app embodies this spirit, by relieving mobility operators of the cost and time required to develop their own app. The Movatic app also gives users a unified experience to discover and interact with different mobility providers seamlessly.

With the success of the Movatic app, we are excited to announce branded apps as part of our product offering. Branded apps are the next essential part of the platform for several reasons that include:

Existing Systems Switching to Movatic

Branded apps are a must for systems transition from an existing software solution. A system already employing a widely adopted app cannot afford to lose its existing install base. A branded Movatic app can seamlessly replace their existing app, allowing users to upgrade to a superior platform via an update.

Operators Who are Making Large Investments in Marketing

The Movatic app brings free visibility to all systems on the platform. However, for operators investing heavily on marketing, a branded app is critical, as it focuses its marketing on its brand and systems. For these operators, a branded app, paired with the free publicity of the Movatic app offers an unparalleled growth opportunity.

Branded App Features

A branded app includes:

  • Feature parity with the Movatic app and admin site

  • Custom fonts, logos, splash screen, map pins, and branding colors

  • Individual App and Play Store listing

  • Advanced software testing and beta procedure (same as used for the Movatic app)

  • Delivery within one week

In addition, new customers can launch a demo system on the Movatic app and at any point thereafter launch a branded version. This provides unparalleled speed to market, lower costs, and more flexibility as you grow your systems.

Email to learn more and to launch your branded app today!

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