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BetterTouchTool review: Supercharge your Mac, from the Mouse to the Touch Bar

Mag Gems focuses on very limited apps that fill in features that macOS lacks. For example on scanner to pdf. BetterTouchTool is no exception on both sides of the equation: Apple never added an extensible option to extend the input keys to the program to work with fingers, and gestures, and extend Apple's modest but incomplete functions.

You'll be so overwhelmed by the incredible depth and breadth of BetterTouchTool's triggers and input methods that you'll forget about the actual work. Fortunately, adding some of the missing gestures is as easy as building an entire ecosystem of Touch Bar buttons and Siri Remote capabilities.

I originally installed BetterTouchTool a few years ago when Apple stopped using three-finger swipes to simulate the home and end navigation keys. (Apparently, this was in Mac OS X 10.8 in 2012.) This app was a simple and inexpensive way to repeat gestures that I use hundreds of times a day. BetterTouchTool's wax coating is virtually scratch-free.

At its simplest, you can select an input device, click Add Trigger, and specify one or more actions to be performed when the trigger fires. The number of selected actions based on navigation, input, system events, keyboards, clicks, etc. is huge. Fortunately, there is an easy-to-use search field. You can expand triggers to use only certain foreground apps, the Finder, or all apps. It can create more complex arrays that run and perform actions similar to Keyboard Maestro (or later QuicKeys), TextExpander, LaunchBar, and other automation programs and keys. All of these applications serve a completely different purpose than BetterTouchTool, so to be more precise, BetterTouchTool has a basic understanding of input methods and intersects and overlaps with other automation features and workflow tools usual I would like to replace TextExpander with BetterTouchTool, but sometimes I can choose between the two for specific purposes.

If building an extended feature set/launcher from scratch for the software you want to update is daunting, the active user community at publishes export configurations that you can download and import into your copy with a double click.

The latest version of the program, 3600, offers full compatibility with macOS 12 Monterey, including deep integration with macOS shortcuts. For $9 you get two years of updates and a perpetual license for the latest version released at that time.

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