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AAS in Business Administration - Marketing

Associate of Applied Science degree in Business Administration in Marketing is apt for individuals interested in joining marketing sector. This course provides basics of Business Administration and Marketing, as well as prepares you for entry-level jobs in business world.

Good marketing skills are appreciated and required by every company, big or small. This course also prepares students for minimum skills and education required to apply for a higher degree, such as Bachelor`s in Business Administration- Marketing.

Why online degree in AAS in Business Administration – Marketing?

If you are someone working as a fresher or trainee in a company and want to grow, online AAS degree in Business Administration – Marketing will prove a good idea. You can work during the day, while you learn new business concepts, fundamentals of various marketing principles and much more during the night. Online courses such as visit site are structured for working individuals, so as to save them from hassle of class attendance.

Online lectures are not just customized teaching with anytime, anywhere study hours, but are based on a curriculum which is equally accredited and accepted like any on-campus curriculum.

Benefits of AAS in Business Administration - Marketing

An Associate program in Business Administration with specialization in Marketing provides a comprehensive study of various marketing process and concepts. This course introduces role of marketing in domestic and global business scenario. With AAS in Business Administration - Marketing, you will learn skills to analyze think and plan as well as implement decisions.

This degree course teaches ways to implement business skills in the marketing industry. Subjects covered in this course are business, communications, arts and Humanities, principles of marketing, economics as well as social and behavioral sciences.

Apart from curriculum based education, you will also learn about analytical and technical aspects involved in a marketing sector. You will be introduced to various principles of advertising and business promotion, business law and consumer behavior.

Job prospects

Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration with specialized marketing program opens doors to various job opportunities. Business and marketing skills will allow you to approach variety of industries with openings like Assistant Manager, Sales Manager, Manager, Administrative Assistant and Entrepreneur.

Career opportunities

With fundamental knowledge of marketing and an accredited associate degree, you can look forward to vast career options. From electronics, apparels, footwear, FMCG, Motor companies to various government and non government industries, graduates in marketing are required everywhere.

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