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These are the best platform alternatives for you if you wish to provide weekly online yoga lessons, sell memberships or class bundles for access to your courses, develop an online library of class recordings, or start your online yoga studio with several instructors learn about yogi times.


Punchpass bills itself as a class control system that can be used for in-person and online classes, and it believes itself to be a less complicated alternative to MindBody. For example, it has an automated Zoom integration that saves you the time of manually sending Zoom connections to everyone who signs up for your classes, it has simple payment options, such as the ability to produce class-packs and monthly subscriptions just like you would in an actual yoga studio, and it has a content library where you can store and sell all of your recorded classes on-demand.

Other desirable qualities include:

You might give a two-week "free" trial to allow folks to get to know you better.

You may provide donation-based passes, which is a service that many payment processors don't offer.


You're out of luck with this platform if you wish to provide more fully online courses or pieces of training with extra downloaded materials, quizzes, and so on.

Although the most economical pricing tier is objective, you need to be in the middle pricing tier to get the most out of what this platform has to offer. At $64/month, this platform is pushing into the more expensive pricing category unless you have a large student base and offer many classes per week.


Offering Tree is one of a kind in that it integrates a variety of services into a single platform. With one service, you can establish a website, an email list, schedule lessons, collect payments, create courses, and sell memberships. It's also relatively inexpensive for yoga teachers, with a completely free plan that allows you to create a website and go online right away. Even the most costly project, which includes all services, costs only $29 per month. It's vital to keep in mind that nothing can ever accomplish everything flawlessly. Although this platform appears to be an all-in-one solution, you will eventually be limited in what you can achieve with the email management system, scheduling system, course development system, website builder, and so on.

Nevertheless, this could be the right match for you if you're not interested in going fancy. And if you only want to dip your toe into the realm of online teaching before diving in headfirst, this platform is a no-brainer for getting started when compared to anything else. Just keep in mind that if you have big goals, you'll ultimately need to migrate everything from this site to numerous other providers, and data migration is never enjoyable.

Other desirable qualities include:

They're one of the few platforms I've seen that helps you create challenges, which are a popular method to grow your email list.

The intermediate payment tier includes sliding scale pricing, which is convenient for yogis, and the top payment tier includes waiver support, which is necessary for incorporating waivers into your services.


You won't receive your personalized domain for your website if you start with the free or intermediate price tier.

You won't find many fancy bells and whistles on this platform, especially when it comes to putting up pieces of training and online courses.


Union Fit, like Punchpass, describes itself as a class management solution for in-person and online classes. Its founders' connections to yoga companies are part of its attraction to the yoga community. Behind the scenes at Union Fit, some people have worked for yoga systems like Kripalu and Yoga Alliance and extensive software businesses like Eventbrite. To put it another way, they have expertise in both the yoga and event spaces. They have an on-demand replay library that allows you to quickly monetize all of your classes, even after you've taught them to live, and their pricing plan is unusual in that you pay to depend on how much you train, rather than a monthly membership. To put it another way, you only pay when you earn money. This platform is probably the most fantastic match for an established yoga studio or yoga instructor seeking to offer their lessons online because it is designed exclusively for individual classes.

Other desirable qualities include:

Your classes/studio may be found on their website, giving you more "free" exposure when people are looking for lessons to attend.


You'll be producing something on their website so that it won't be entirely your own, and you'll be limited in how much you can alter it.

Because there is no built-in course infrastructure, if you want to provide online courses or pieces of training, you'll have a more challenging time doing it on this platform.

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