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Rasterized and rasterize:Rasterized objects are objects that contain color. For instance, a rasterized textbox is a textbox that contains the color of the text. Rasterization enables objects to be editable using any graphics application. Rasterization requires using the raster font feature.Rasterized and rasterize your user interface. Since drawings can contain any type of user interface (window, menu, popup, toolbars, etc.), Rasterize allows you to rasterize any user interface objects in your drawing.Rasterized and rasterize your drawings. If you plan to use AutoCAD as a 3D CAD application, you must also rasterize your 3D drawing.Rasterized and rasterize your objects. Rasterize allows you to control the rasterization of objects, and many other advanced features, including an improved rasterize command, rasterizing textboxes and splines, rasterizing objects in a box, and more.Rasterized and rasterize your annotations. Drawings have many types of annotations (help text, text boxes, etc.). AutoCAD provides many methods to handle annotations, including rasterizing annotations, placing annotations on a path, rasterizing a window, and much more.Advanced features:Pinball, limit tool, and more.In DesignCenter view, zoom in and out while maintaining relative path accuracy.Reduce screen lag by following your mouse cursor.More data analysis and improved spatial data handling.Include polylines when printing and saving drawings.Change background images and colors.Auto-save files every 15 minutes, and enable or disable auto-saving based on your environment.Print to PDF on your computer or to a printer.Advanced settings:Automatically display preferences that don’t apply to your model.Locate the ID / WS / Unique number.Specify your key bindings using the Global Options menu.Use the default command settings for new drawing sessions.Increase/decrease the default length of the autosave interval.Export and import drawings to and from Microsoft Office® formats.Set your default local drawing view to be a side-by-side view 2be273e24d


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